Corporate Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax

There are many reasons why corporate groups need to confront the complexities of national and international tax laws. As a result of an acquisition, divestment, expansion offshore or simply to rationalise a historically complex structure. Whatever the reason, proper attention to tax and commercial outcomes is critical to maximising the benefits available through structuring and/or restructuring.

At BDO we partner with our clients to understand their needs. We apply our detailed tax and commercial experience to ensure corporate groups structure their affairs to maximise the available opportunities.

Our corporate tax experts are experienced in advising on major transactions, providing opportunities for tax effective results and avoiding any pitfalls. We combine our understanding of the transaction, the commercial and tax implications, and your desired outcomes to deliver results.

We can assist with tax compliance and give you specialist advice across key tax areas including:

  • Tax registration
  • Corporate Income Tax and Property Tax provision outsourcing and returns
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Tax efficient structuring
  • Transaction advisory
  • Due diligence