Financial Statement Audits

Financial Statement Audits

Beyond your reporting obligations

Whether your business is just starting out, or is operating on the international stage, BDO can deliver a robust and independent audit that delivers benefits beyond the traditional scope. We work with you to ensure you meet your statutory obligations in a non-onerous way.

Using our leading-edge audit methodology we conduct independent financial statement audits that deliver comprehensive and efficient outcomes – regardless of your business’ size, operations or location.

Our people use their knowledge and experience to help sort through any financial reporting or accounting issues you face. We also proactively identify business improvements and possible areas of risk.

BDO Audit Methodology and APT

BDO employs a proprietary global audit methodology that enables our engagement teams to conduct consistent risk-based audits, both domestically and internationally, with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to our clients’ operations and people. 

Our audit software and documentation tool, APT, is an essential part of our audit methodology. Our professionals use it to devise proper audit procedures and testing based on International Standards on Auditing, as well as to factor in engagement- and industry-specific facts and circumstances. APT is designed to support large, complex engagements, yet it can be scaled for smaller, less complex audits. This helps our engagement teams focus on risk and audit execution, and has resulted in more-informed choices regarding alternative audit strategies and the types of testing.